Student of the Week 2020-21

Week of April 12th - 16th
Saikham Saekhow


Saikham makes school fun for himself and others while following the honor code in all that he does. 

Week of April 4th - 9th
Tate Pommer

Tate is a wonderful, respectful student.  He always has his work done, asks questions when needed and is a very hard worker.  We enjoy having Tate in class as he is a positive influence to other students and a great role model!

Week of March 29th - April 2
Destiny Gonzalez - Keophaymany

Destiny G

Destiny always does what she is asked to do, comes to class prepared, is always responsible and respectful

Week of March 8th - 12th
Elle Barth

Elle comes to school every day with a positive attitude.   She is a hard worker that is polite to teachers and classmates.  She is the model student that other students can aspire to be like.

Week of March 1st - 5th
Denisse Sarabia Rodriguez

Denisse cooperates well in class.  She is respectful to all her peers.  Her work is consistently turned in on time.  She applies her BEST no matter the circumstance.  We are proud of her ability to adapt to the new learning this year.

Week 15 February 22nd - 26th
Mason Serocki

Mason has demonstrated what it means to be a Cougar at South Middle School.  He is helpful, kind and has shown good leadership skills this year.  Good job, Mason!

Week 14 February 15th - 19th
Aiden Speilman

Aidan is a hard-working and responsible student.  He gets along well with his peers and has the qualities of a leaders.  He is an asset to the Green 2 team!

Week 13 February 8th - 11th
Taelin Herbel 

Taelin shows exemplar character through her hard work, trustworthiness, respect, optimism and grit.  She is an outstanding role model with a bright future ahead of her and the Gold 2 team is thankful to have her as part of our team this year.


Week 12 February 1st - 5th 
Marin Morris

Marin is an organized student that always comes to class prepared.  She is kind and respectful to classmates, teachers, and others in our building.  If another student needs help, Marin is always ready to lend a hand.  Marin is great example of what our HONOR code at SMS represents!

Week 11 January 25 - 29th
Elijah Castro


Elijah is a hardworking, very conscientious student.  He always gets his work done and turned in on time. He is a very respectful young man to adults and students alike. 

Week 10 January 18th - 22nd

Sydni Leonard

Sydni Leonard - Sydni is an extremely kind and caring student who gives it her all both inside and outside of the classroom.  She always has a smile on her face and she puts everyone around her in a good mood!

Week 9 January 11th - 15th
Valeria Silvestre

Valeria Silvestre - Valeria is always prepared for class and attentive during instruction.  She’s one of the first students to volunteer to help out in the classroom and to those around her.  She never seems to have a bad day!  We are thankful to have Valeria on our team.

Week 8 January 4th - 8th
Jesus Mariscal-Valencia

Jesus Mariscal-Valencia is a student who epitomizes the HONOR code - Not only is he respectful to his teachers and kind to his peers, but he is responsible with his school work.  We appreciate the hard work and positive attitude Jesus has displayed since the beginning of this difficult year.


Week 7 December 14th - 18th
Jordyn Perkins

Jordyn Perkins is a hard worker in the classroom.  She is super sweet and cares about all her peers and teachers!

Week 6 December 7th - 11th
Rylan Ellis

Rylan is a kind student that is always willing to help others.  He gives his best each day and participates in all his classes.  Rylan completes his offsite work and asks questions to make sure he is on track.  He is a great representative of an HONORable cougar at South Middle School.

Week 5 November 30 - December 4th
Carlee Dye

Carlee is good about communicating with her teachers.  She goes above and beyond expectations.  Carlee is a good leader and a joy to have in class.

Week 4 November - 23- 27

Royce Tripp


Royce works hard.  He is smart and he is kind.

Week 3 November 16-20th

Arturo Mendiola


He is a respectful and organized 6th grader.  He comes to school every day without complaints and finishes his assignments on time.  He always asks questions when he doesn’t understand and is always willing to help with a smile when asked.  Thank you to Arturo for being a good advocate for our SMS Honor Code.


Week 2 November 9th - 13th

Brooklyn Jordan


Brooklyn is a conscientious student who always does her best.  She gets her work done and is very polite and respectful to teachers.


Week 1 November 2 - 6th

Dylan Norris


Dylan Norris

Dylan has been very impressive to start off this school year. He works hard, helps out teachers, assists peers, engages and participates in class all while wearing a smile and staying positive.  Gold 1 is lucky to have Dylan on our team this year!

 Student Week
 Saikham Saekhow Week 20
Tate Pommer Week 19
 Destiny Gonzalez - Keophaymany Week 18
 Ella Barth Week 17
 Denisse Sarabia Rodriguez Week 16
 Mason Serocki Week 15
 Aiden Speilman Week 14
 Tailin Herbel Week 13
 Marin Morris Week 12
 Elijah Castro Week 11
 Sydni Leonard Week 10
 Valeria Silvestre Week 9
 Jesus Mariscal-Valencia Week 8
 Jordyn Perkins Week 7
 Rylan Ellis Week 6
 Carlee Dye Week 5
 Royce Tripp Week 4
 Arturo Mendiola Week 3
 Brooklyn Jordan Week 2
 Dylan Norris Week 1