USD 305 Athletic / Activities Covid Protocols

Covid Fall Athletic / Activity Guidelines

USD 305 Fall Athletic and Activity Guidelin
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Salina USD 305 students in grades 7-12 who are receiving face-to-face or hybrid learning provided by Salina USD 305 are eligible to participate in activity programs provided they meet all academic and eligibility requirements. Participation in school activities is voluntary and every individual will need to evaluate the risk versus the benefits of activity participation. USD 305 will remain in consultation with our local health department.

Guidelines for Event Spectators

·         To be determined and released at a later date

General Guidelines for all athletics and activities including coaches and participants

·         ANYONE feeling sick should stay home and contact their healthcare provider.

·         Participating while symptomatic could potentially jeopardize the entire activities program in USD 305 and other schools for an extended period of time.

·         A mask/face covering is required to be worn at all times by all personnel, including students, except when students are directly participating in the activity.

·         Social distancing of 6 feet will be maintained when appropriate. 

·         All participants and staff will have their temperature taken prior to activity. Anyone with temperature of 100.4+, or known illness, will be excluded pending clearance from a medical professional.  Documentation of clearance should be brought to the athletics/activities administrative assistant. 

·         Hand sanitizer will be provided at all activities

·         Equipment should be sanitized before and after use.

·         Attendance will be taken and kept on file for all sessions and for transportation.

·         Students are to leave the building and grounds as quickly as possible after practices/events end.

·         Group hydration devices will not be used other than to refill personal water containers.  Water bottles should be clearly labeled with the participant’s name.

·         Practice clothing should be taken home and laundered daily.

·         Participants should cover mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing with a tissue or cough/sneeze into their elbow.

·         Teams and performance groups will maintain common groups as much as possible, spread out for meetings, and minimize full team/group interactions of close proximity.

·         Locker room times will be staggered to avoid large groups entering, dressing, and leaving at one time.

·         Parent meetings will be held in a virtual format

·         All scrimmages and practices are closed to the public including parents and visitors

·         Prior to athletic participation, student-athletes and their parents will fill out the KSHSAA COVID-19 Questionnaire and have it on file with the school. A family will obtain written clearance by a medical provider prior to participating in sports ONLY IF they answer yes to any of the questions on the form.

·         Any student who has traveled to a KDHE identified restricted area should self-quarantine and not participate in school activities for 14 days upon return to their home.

·         Concessions will serve pre-packaged items if open during the season.

·         Team meals and snacks before and after games will be pre-packaged items.  Students will need to eat socially distanced before getting on the bus.  Any snacks and drinks used during a competition need to be pre-packaged and consumed while socially distanced from teammates and others.

·         Masks will be worn when traveling in district transportation and on the sidelines by coaches and players not playing.

·         Team dinners and activities will not be allowed during the season.

·         When possible, Uniforms, towels and other apparel and equipment should not be shared.

·         Signage will be posted to remind players, coaches and spectators about social distancing and wearing masks.

Sport Specific Guidelines

Girls Tennis

·         Remove all score devices on each court to prevent touching.

·         Provide a player seat on each side of the court near net pole. Player(s) will use the same chair(s) during the match. Clean after each match.

·         Provide hand sanitizer and wipes at score table for players to use after reporting match score

·         During competitions at Salina Central, Oakdale and Jerry Ivey Park, all spectators will remain outside the fenced areas of the courts.  Only coaches and participants will be allowed inside the court areas.  Each team will have a separate “camp” area distanced from other teams.  Both coaches and players need to do their part to socially distance from their team members when in the “camp” at the same time.

·         When traveling to other venues we will set up a “camp” area distanced from other teams.  Both coaches and players need to do their part to socially distance from their team members when in the “camp” at the same time.

Girls Golf

·         When possible we will use a shotgun start to prevent gathering of players near the clubhouse and reduce time spent at the golf course.

·         No awards ceremony will take place after the completion of the event.

·         Pre-tournament activities will be changed where the driving range and practice green will be limited to team shifts or eliminated.

·         When possible the number of golfers from each school will be limited to keep the numbers down.


·         Non-essential personnel will not be allowed on the sidelines during practices and games.

·         When possible teams will be divided into smaller groups at practice.

·         The team box will be extended to the 10-yard line on each side during games to allow players to more effectively social distance on the sidelines.

·         The football will be cleaned and sanitized before, throughout and after each practice and competition as recommended by the ball manufacturer.

·         Encourage players to not trim the attachment strap off their mouthpieces.  This will make it easier for players to keep their fingers out of their own mouths.

·         Sideline media and photographers must wear a facemask and remain outside the extended player box.  They are expected to social distance while on the sideline.

·         Visitors will not be allowed on the sidelines during games.

·         Coaches and players not playing in the game will wear a mask on the sidelines.

·         Hand sanitizer will be available on the sideline and encouraged to use when players come off the field.


·         Mats and practice surfaces will be cleaned after each practice

·         Participants should be appropriately spaced on the court, field or sideline to ensure proper social distancing during games.

·         Masks should be used when possible.  Social distancing should be practiced when possible.  No masks may be worn in routines that involve stunting.  Any mask worn during a routine that does not involve stunting but involves tumbling must be taped and secure.


·         Hand sanitizer and wipes will be provided at the end of benches for players to use after substituting out of game.

·         Schools will provide their own volleyballs for warm-up. The host school will provide ball carts for use.

·         Teams will not change benches unless the coach and official deems a disadvantage to a team.

·         During tournaments, teams will be given a specified area for “camps” that will be socially distanced.

·         Local Games/Tournaments will be groupings reduced to five teams or smaller.

  • Players and team personnel on the bench will wear masks and social distance when possible.
  • Players should avoid huddles after each dead ball.

Cross Country

·         Runners and coaches should maintain social distancing.

·         Athletes will wear masks when no physical exertion is occurring.

·         Athletes will run in pods when possible.

·         For home events, limit the number of participants per school.

·         The course will be widened where possible.

Teams will be given a specified area for “camps” that will be socially distanced.

There will be no awards ceremony. Awards will be presented in a chute or given to coaches at the end of the race.

Boys Soccer

·         Players and coaches should maintain social distancing.

·         Athletes will wear masks when no physical exertion is occurring.

·         Soccer balls will be cleaned daily.

·         There will be no pre match ceremony – World Cup Style.

·         Players and coaches will social distance on the sideline and at practice when possible.

·         For home events, the team will not use the locker rooms. Players should come dressed and ready to play.

Music Considerations

       Performers will have appropriate spacing during singing/playing of instruments according to the current guidelines.

       Rehearsals will be kept in small groups when possible.

       Spit valves will be emptied into an appropriate container and discarded after use.