Sports Participation Forms

We are excited that your child is interested in participating in our sports program(s).

In order to be eligible to participate, all required forms must be completed and turned in to the front office before the first day of practice or tryouts.
(Physicals can be done anytime after May 1st for the following school year.)

Please click on the links to download the following forms:

  1. All Required Athletic Forms(All in one downloadable file) Spanish Version All Required Athletic Forms
    This link includes: Athletics Permission Form, Physical Form, Parent/Guardian Consent Form, Emergency Medical Form and Concussion Parent Release Form.

  2. Return Transportation Release Form (to take your athlete back with you from an out-of-town event)
    This form should be filled out and turned in to the office at least one day prior to the athletic event.

  3. IMPACT Testing(Optional)

  • Click on the link for more information

KSHSAA Regulations regarding Physicals

Art. 5: The Physical Examination shall not be taken earlier than May 1 preceding the school year for which it is applicable.
Art. 6: No middle/junior or senior high school student is eligible to represent his/her school in an interscholastic athletic event until a Physical Examination Form is completed and filed with the school prior to the first try-out or practice in which the student participates.

Individual Forms

Individual Forms in Spanish