SMS Grading Policies


I. QUIZZEES AND TESTS – Teachers will either offer a re-take of all assessments and quizzes or allow the student to correct all assessments and quizzes. The amount of credit awarded for corrections for common assessments is determined by grade level PLC’s. For individual classroom quizzes or tests, the classroom teacher determines the amount. This will be available for all students regardless of the score on the quiz or test.

II.  CODING AND ZERO’S – Teachers will use only four codes to report student work. 
a.  MISSING – Work not completed, student will receive a zero and will be labeled as MISSING
b.  INC – Work turned in to the teacher but is incomplete, will be graded, score will be reported and teacher will mark INC for incomplete.
c.  EXE – If the teacher deems the student to be exempt from an assignment they will report the score with an asterisk and label it EXE, meaning the student does not have to complete the assignment.
d.  LATE – Work from students that is turned in late. The score will be reported and marked LATE.

III. LATE WORK POLICY – Students will be allowed to turn in all late work for a 10% deduction in overall credit for the assignment, for the duration of the quarter of instruction up until the week before the end of the quarter.  Late Work Cut-Off Dates
 Thursday, October 7
 Tuesday, December 14
 Thursday, March 3
 Thursday, May 12

IV. GRADEBOOK TIMELINESS POLICY – Teachers are expected to update their gradebook on a weekly basis with new work that has been turned in as well late assignments that have been turned in. Large projects, essays and tests will require two weeks to grade.

V. EXTRA CREDIT – Extra credit shall not be placed in the gradebook for things such as word searches, crosswords, Kleenexes, etc. These items do not measure student learning. Extension and enrichment activities are permissible to report on. If a teacher has a question if an enrichment activity meets student skill attainment review with your PLC.