Student of the Week


Kristen Kinion
Kristen is a positive, hard-working, creative, confident and kind young lady.  She comes to school excited to learn and does so with a smile on her face.  She is always more than happy to help peers and adults.  She is a great example of the Cougar HONOR Code.


Elyve Keam 

Elyve has done an amazing job staying on top of his assignments during this period of online learning.  Elyve always brought a positive attitude to school and has continued to show it through the Continuous Learning time.  Thanks for all your hard work, Elyve!


Davin Miller
Davin is upbeat and thoughtful of others.  He has transitioned to make the best of online learning.  He perseveres when something is difficult and pays attention to details.  Davin’s high-spirited participation is a positive example for his classmates.  We are encouraged by Davin’s cheerful zest!


Grady Smith
Grady Smith is inquisitive, hard-working and positive. He takes pride in his learning, has a great attitude and does an excellent job of turning in quality work.  Way to go, Grady!


Emma Wille
Emma has done a great job adjusting to the new way of learning.  She has consistently been one of the first students to complete assignments and turn them.  The Green 3 teachers are proud of you. Keep up the great work, Emma!


Catelynn Owens
Catelynn is a great student and very respectful to all in the community.  She works hard and is helpful to others.


Joselin Diaz: 
Joselin is a very hard worker who always tries her best.  She is respectful and polite.  Joselin gets along well with her classmates and teachers. She is a delight to have in class.


Alex Davidson: 
Alex is a wonderful young man who exhibits leadership and excellence throughout the variety of activities he participates in.  He is a perfect example of the HONOR Code in action both inside and outside of the classroom.


Kamden Calhoun:  

Kamden is a hardworking, caring young man with an infectious personality who has grown and matured so much while being at South Middle School!


Trinity Burch: 

Trinity never seems to have a bad day!  She is always smiling, participates well in class, completes her assignments and is an all-around outstanding student.  Trinity makes for a great team player and is always willing to help those around her.  She is a great asset to the Blue 3 team! 


Kieragan Warhurst – 

Kieragan exemplifies the HONOR code by being respectful to adults and peers and always having a kind word and smile to brighten the day.  She is a dedicated student who prioritizes her schoolwork through hard work, organization and ownership.

We are lucky to have Kieragan in our school.



Freddy Briseno Ceja

 Freddy is AMAZING!  He is kind-hearted, willing to help others and always tries his best EVERY DAY.  No matter how challenging things are, he always keeps a positive attitude.


Allie Bray – 

She is a hard worker, always follows directions and is respectful to everyone.


Santiago Licon

 Santiago is a great person.  He is respectful to both his peers and his teachers.  Santiago works hard and is a model student.  The world is a better place because people like Santiago are in it.


Sawyer Harris

Sawyer is hard working, kind and follows the HONOR code daily.  He willingly helps his peers when he notices they are needing a little help.  He encourages others and celebrates their accomplishments.  Sawyer deserves the honor of being Student of the Week. Congratulations Sawyer.



Brooklyn Weaver -

Brooklyn works hard, is a good role model for students and helps others.  She is respectful, participates often and is an asset to every class.


Cade Miles

 Cade is very respectful to teachers, staff and peers.  He exhibits perseverance and consistency in his academic performance.


Dayton Brown -

 Dayton is very friendly and makes people smile every day.  He shows compassion and understanding for others.  Dayton is a positive student for South Middle School!


Philipz Phachanla

 Philipz is such a hard worker.  He’s always willing to put forth the effort in class and on homework.  Philipz is kind to others and a joy to have in class.  Blue 3 is proud of him!

Student of the Week
Hao Tran

She is a brilliant example of what it means to be a student who exemplifies every aspect of our HONOR code.  She brings not only hard work, but also a smile to class each day.
Congratulations Hao for being the student of the week.

Adalyne Saner

Adalyne is a responsible student that shows HONOR every day at South Middle.  She always has a smile on her face and a ‘can do’ attitude.  She is organized, respectful to peers and teachers and has ownership of her learning.  We love that she is kind to everyone. 


Annabelle Burr
Green 2 congratulates Annabelle Burr as our Student of the Week.

 Annabelle has wonderful study habits and excellent work ethic.  She is very organized and can be counted on to follow directions and uphold our Cougar HONOR code.  We appreciate how Annabelle always treats both teachers and classmates with kindness and respect.

Student of the Week
Quevon Purucker

"Quevon is a student who represents all of the best qualities of a South Middle School Cougar. He is a hard worker, an eager learner and a fantastic role model that brings positive energy to those around him.  Quevon is a friend to all of his classmates and is consistently polite and respectful to his teachers.  We really appreciate everything that Quevon brings to our classrooms this year."


Student of the Week
Brooklyn Turner

Brooklyn is kind, polite, respectful and a good student.

Student of the Week
Danny Tso


Danny is a hard worker who always tries his best.  He is conscientious, has good character and great work ethic.  Danny is respectful to others.


Student of the Week
Dawson Dooley


Dawson is a very respectful and responsible young man.  He is a great role model for his peers and handles adversity with confidence. 

Student of the Week
Anthony Barraza


He is such a responsible, kind, hardworking young man who has come so far during middle school!

Student of the Week
Eden Khamdalanikone


Eden is a joy to have in class.  She is always upbeat, participates in class activities and discussion.  She is very helpful and a great role model for her peers.  Eden follows all aspects of the SMS HONOR code!  Blue 3 is lucky to have her!


Student of the Week
Cameron Cleveland

Cameron sets the standard for the students on Gold 3.  He comes to class every day with a respectful and positive attitude.  He is an exemplar of what students at South Middle School should achieve to be like.


Student of the Week
Chase Freeman


Chase is respectful to peers and teachers.  He is kind and has a positive attitude toward learning and school.  He goes above expectations for being an HONORable cougar every day at South Middle School.

Student of the Week

Sean Iselin


Sean is positive, polite, bright and always willing to learn.  We enjoy his respectful and friendly demeanor and we appreciate how he takes such pride in his work.  Way to go, Sean!

Student of the Week
Ava Lemaster


Ava is an outstanding young lady.  She works hard and is considerate of her peers.  Ava has a great sense of humor and is a great representative to South Middle School.

Student of the Week
Evan Schmidt

Student of the Week

Evan is a great leader in the classroom, he is always willing to help out and has a smile on his face.

Student of the Week
Shiloh Summers


 Always friendly, helpful, and respectful. 



Odessa has been a great student so far.  She has come to class and done everything that was asked of her.  She is kind and helpful.  We are very excited to continue to get to know her better. 



De’Yauntrie has been so helpful to the new students, showing them the ropes.  He has done it with a smile and kindness.  What a wonderful role model!

Student Week
 Kristen Kinion Week 36
 Elyve Keam Week 35
 Davin Miller Week 34
 Grady Smith Week 33
 Emma Wille Week 32
 Catelynn Owens Week 31
Joselin Diaz Week 30
 Alex Davidson Week 29
 Kamden Calhoun Week 28
 Trinity Burch Week 27
 Kieragan Warhurst Week 26
 Freddy Briseno Ceja Week 25
 Allie Bray Week 24
 Santiago Licon Week 23
 Sawyer Harris Week 22
 Brooklyn Weaver Week 21
 Cade Miles Week 20
 Dayton Brown Week 19
 Philipz Phachanla Week 18
 Hao Tran Week 17
 Adalyne Saner Week 16
 Annabelle Burr Week 15
 Quevon Purucker Week 14
 Brooklyn Turner Week 13
 Danny Tso Week 12
 Dawson Dooley Week 11
 Anthony Barraza Week 10
 Eden Khamdalanikone  Week 9
 Cameron Cleveland Week 8
 Chase Freeman Week 7
 Sean Iselin Week 6
 Ava Lemaster  Week 5
 Evan Schmidt Week 4
 Shiloh Summers Week 3
 Odessa Miller Week 2 
 De'Yantrie Morton Week 1